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Ubiquitous data-communication, commerce and trade with unforeseen frequency and rapid innovation within all areas of information technology have shape our society and its structure with increasing intensity. Traditionell corporate functions such as information technology and management start to merge. Today we are surrounded with a seemingly unmanageable amount of information.

Cooperations and the society as a whole are confronted with a large number of new problems due to this trends. To solve these problems sound methods and modells wich also regard the legal background are needed.

  • How can one reduce costs through efficient rating and selection of information and how can we extract knowledge from an unorganized data set?
  • How can we use huge amount of data to deliver each employee the information relevant to him?
  • How can electronic agents enter into legal binding agreements?

With the interdisciplinary program information engineering and management (German: Informationswirtschaft) the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) (formerly University of Karlsruhe (TH)) does pioneer’s work in the development and deployment of new paradigms and educates the managers of the information age.

Interdisciplinary thinking

Information engineering and management (IEM) graduates have learned to think beyond traditional boundaries. They approach problems from the different perspectives of computer science, business management and law.

Graduates of the program have creative problem-solving skills that companies require to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

  • IEM graduates organize the efficient utilization economic asset information.
  • IEM graduates organize and manage the corporate information flow.
  • IEM graduates establish and evaluate complex information systems and therefore facilitate efficient and effective user interaction.

During their education students have the opportunity to gain international experience. Many study a semester or more at a foreign university or work as interns abroad for an international business.

These professions are inherently interdisciplinary and require knowledge in the fields of information and knowledge management, telecommunication, software engineering, business management, economics, operations research and jurisprudence.

Setting the vision

The Information Engineering and Management program equips students with the fundamental concepts of computer science, business management and other fields of economic theory as well as private and public law.

Furthermore, students choose areas of specialization that prepare them for one of numerous career tracks based on their interests and strengths.

In the field of computer science students acquire the essential skills in information management, algorithmics, software engineering and theoretical informatics based on a sound background in mathematics. In addition, students can choose from a broad array of areas of specialization such as telematics, cryptography and ubiquitous information technology, to name a few.

In the field of economics and management students learn the essentials of business administration, economics, and operations research prior to choosing a specialization. For example, graduates are educated to be professionals in providing information services, establishing electronic markets, and designing innovative forms of organization.

As a result of law studies, students acquire an intuitiveness for legal issues which may arise in the field of information engineering and management. Besides a fundamental understanding of private and corporate law, the program focuses on data privacy, intellectual property and communication law in an international context. Specialized courses in almost all kinds of information law and some beyond are offered.

Each year, only a limited number of seats are available in the Information Engineering and Management program. Keeping the student body in this program to only a few dozens students promotes a strong feeling of community as well as a high student/faculty ratio.

A short overview about the basic curriculum can be found in our course description.
Detailed information about the program can be acquired on the websites of the departments of informatics and economics and management (in german).

A tradition of excellence

The University of Karlsruhe – Universität Karlsruhe (TH) – is the oldest institute of technology in Germany and has a long tradition in the field of engineering. With its fusion with the Karlsruhe Research Center in 2009 they have created a lighthouse of knowledge and science and will be even more innovative than ever before. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, also due to its strategy for the future, has been one of the three original German excellence-universities.

The departments of Computer Science and Economics and Management have been among the most renowned institutions of their kind. The programs in computer science and business engineering respectively have been known for their high-quality education for decades. Numerous nationwide and international rankings have confirmed this reputation.

In order to address the challenges of the information age, both departments agreed to found an interdisciplinary program in Information Engineering and Management in the year 1997. The strengths of both departments are combined to form a program that is unique in Germany and  well beyond and responds to the new challenges in business, science, and society.

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